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Early/Preverbal Trauma Group Consultation



EMDR Early Trauma Protocol Consultation/Training

Consultation with a twist..

Build confidence

This is a safe space to elevate your application of working with early/preverbal trauma, attachment wounds and attachment repair. You'll receive supportive feedback from an advance group of EMDR therapists!

Skill Building

Learn and practice advanced skills utilized with preverbal trauma including ego states interventions, enhanced attachment repair interventions, resetting the affect circuits and reprocessing preverbal implicit traumatic experiences. 

Practice sessions

Consultation is structured to review cases, adequate Q & A, and demos.. Most importantly,  consultees will have real-time practice sessions of the skills needed to effectively treat the preverbal trauma wounds. 

Your Consultant


Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of trauma and holds Diplomat status as a clinicial mental health specialist in Trauma Counseling.  She is also a certified Yoga Therapist. Deb provides counseling (including EMDR) and neurofeedback at the Center for NeuroPotential in Branford, CT.  In addition, she is active in training clinicians working with Parkland.  

Ready to Elevate your Learning?

Now is the time to uplevel your clinical practice and skills with working with preverbal trauma.


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